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Classroom Context

    How do you create a classroom culture in which all students can achieve, one where there is openness and trust and where all students feel safe and can take risks? The Classroom context channel points to digital content on research-based classroom management practices that can help administrators, policy makers, and educators plan for and implement programs that result in effective learning and teaching. Categories include Classroom management, Understanding your students, Environment and setting.

  1. Classroom Management
      The foundations of teaching are defined by Saphier and Gower as Attention, Momentum, Space, Time, Routines, and Discipline. This area links to articles and research that address what a teacher does to keep students engaged, involved and on tasks during class time.
  2. Environment & Setting
      In this area there are articles that relate to the impact of the physical environment on student learning. Articles might address the difference between having the teacher's desks at the front of the room or on the side; desks in rows or grouped; access to computers in the classroom versus in a lab; open architecture for the classroom versus closed; asphalt playground versus grass; urban classroom versus suburban.
  3. Understanding Your Students
      Teachers are like music conductors guiding the performance of each individual student. Teachers need to understand each student's abilities, personality and background in order to successfully scaffold learning. This area provides articles that address the topics of individual learner needs personalizing instruction, special education, culture and ethnic background, diversity, and gender.

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