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In the News

    In the News contains news and announcements related to simschool, the latest about simulations simschool related activities, presentations at conferences, and news from our Testing and Partner Sites (TaPS).

  • E-Learn2004 SimSchool Presentation
    At the E-Learn Conference, Nov.2004, Washington, DC SimSchool will give a presentation related to its initial efforts with six higher educational institutions that are piloting use of an innovative simulation called SimSchool (Gibson & Halverson, 2004), funded by a 2003 grant from the “Preparing Teachers to Use Technology” program of the US Department of Education. Topics covered include an overview of the new application, the recruitment and selection of testing and partnership sites, plans for piloting, early implementation and ongoing support, and lessons learned so far.
  • Announcement/Overview of SimSchool EdReform Portal
    The SimSchool EdReform Portal is a library of exemplary articles, research, and resources that have relevance to the SimSchool community. We are in the formative stages of development for the portal but invite you to take a look and contribute your favorite articles and resources.
  • Scalable Persuasion - SITE 2006 PT3 Panel Presentation
    David Gibson presented this powerpoint as part of a panel on "dissemination strategies and tactics" at the SITE 2006 conference in Orlando, FL.
  • Inside simSchool
    SimSchool, a Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to Use Technology (PT3) project, is developing a simulated environment where users are immersed in the culture of the classroom, assuming the role of teacher, instructing students with diverse personalities, behavioral characteristics, and learning stylesattributes and skills. These virtual students, based on authentic student characteristics, react to decisions about task design and “in flight” teacher moves providing the user with a rich web of associations and strategies to develop their understanding and teaching skills.
  • simSchool: The Game of Teaching
    simSchool article in INNOVATE - Synopsis: A video game that prepares teachers for the complexities of teaching in the classroom, particularly in the areas of differentiating instruction, classroom management, and adapting teaching to multiple cognitive abilities. The authors illustrate how the game's non-player characters (i.e., the virtual students) incorporate a diverse range of cognitive, demographic, and behavioral variables that react to the player's actions.
  • Inventing Opportunity - Sustainability and Future Funding Opportunities presented by Melanie Zibit at PT3 Annual Meeting, Feb. 21, 2007
    Through innovative and persistent efforts, simSchool has been able to build new partnerships and win additional grants. Its strategies are based on the philosophy that " small things can add up to make a big difference" and "adapt your project's products to meet other's needs, and then collaborations will evolve.".

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